Holiday Let Hot Tubs

Enhance your holiday let property with our Holiday Let Hot Tubs, fully compliant with the Health and Safety Executive code of practice HSG282, robustly built and easy to maintain.

HSG282 Guidance

The Health and Safety Executive published this guidance in 2017, primarily for those who manage or operate spa-pool systems and explains how to manage and control the risks from legionella and other infectious agents. As well as guidance on operating and maintaining commercial-type systems, there is specific advice on domestic-type spa pools or hot tubs used as part of a business activity, namely:

  • The spa should have an in-line sanitiser dosing system, floating tablet dispensers are permissible but not recommended.
  • Ideally the spa should also be fitted with an Ozone and or UV system.
  • The water capacity of the spa should be a minimum of 250 litres per bather.
  • The spa should be capable of filtering the total water capacity of the spa within 15 minutes.
  • The spa should not be equipped with an air blower.
  • The design of the spa should avoid waterfall features or other lengths of pipework which could be turned off creating ‘dead legs’
  • A 24-hour continuous filtration system is recommended.
  • The water and filter should be changed between each set of guests
  • The water should be tested twice daily depending on risk assessment and usage and records kept for 5 years.
  • The water should be sampled and laboratory test for microbiocidal contaminants monthly and Legionella quarterly

In addition to the HSG282 guidance we always recommend that a holiday let tub should be robustly built, simple to operate (some features may be disabled for guests) and easy to clean and maintain.