Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps to save Energy, Money and reduce your carbon footprint

Installing an air source hot tub heat pump could shave hundreds of pounds off your hot tub running costs each year and they can work with almost all new or existing hot tubs, making them ideal for new owners or current owners looking to lower their running costs.

  • Less Energy – Heat pumps use far less energy than conventional heaters
  • Less Carbon – Lower energy usage means a reduced carbon footprint. Electricity is becoming greener over time also.
  • Lower costs – Heat pumps can save up-to ¾ of your hot tub heating costs
  • Proven Technology – Heat pumps use similar technology to refrigeration and air conditioning which is extremely reliable and requires minimal maintenance.

How does an air source heat pump work?

The fan in the air source heat pump draws air over a network of tubes that look a little like a car radiator. These tubes are filled with a refrigerant which is warmed up by the air, turning it from a liquid into a gas. This gas is passed through a compressor which increases the pressure and significantly raises it’s temperature. The gas is then passed through a titanium heat exchanger plumbed into the hot tub’s water circulation system, which in turn heats the water from the hot tub. The refrigerant cools and turns back into a liquid and starts the process all over again.

Due to how the system works, air source heat pumps will still produce heat even if the ambient air temperature is below zero.

A heat pump is a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to heat your hot tub or swim spa.

Planning: Each installation will vary, and a site survey to review and discuss the best fitment and location for the heat pump can be arranged. This is a great opportunity to discuss the best option for the installation of the heat pump and answer any questions.

Fitment: When installing the heat pump some basic modifications to your hot tub or swim spa will need to be made and the extent of this will depend on your hot tub model. This is to plumb the heat pump into the heating and circulation system. There will be an inlet and an outlet pipe plumbed into the hot tub base or cabinet to provide circulation through the heat pump.

Electrical requirements: The heat pump does not need any additional electrical installation on site as the unit can take its power from the hot tub or swim spa.

Control: This depends on the controller within your hot tub and the model of heat pump you choose, speak to one of our experts to consider the options.

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