Arctic Spas

Engineered for the World’s Harshest Climates

Arctic Spas have been built in Canada since 1994 and are designed to withstand the extreme climates of Northern Canada, therefore offering very low running costs here in the UK.

Unique features like FreeHeat™ Insulation System, the built in structural Forever Floor™, the Total Access™ cabinet for ease of servicing and the Mylovac™ walk-on safety cover all make an Arctic Spa the best choice if quality, craftsmanship and efficiency are important to you.

The Bear Essential Range includes a selection of spas offering quality hydrotherapy along with affordable and reliable operation.

The full complement of Arctic Spas technologies are available on our most robust platform in this collection. Available with 2 or 3 pumps, you can tailor the power to suit.

Arctic’s finest spas, blending cutting-edge technology and gracious luxury seating. Choose 3 or 5 pumps for high power therapeutic massage second to none.

Arctic Spas through and through, designed for large families or group entertaining. Available with 3 or 5 pumps, these are the ultimate in luxury.