Arctic Spas

Engineered for the World’s Harshest Climates

Arctic Spas have been built in Canada since 1994 and designed to withstand the extreme climates of Northern Canada, therefore, offering very low running costs here in the UK.

Unique features like FreeHeat™ Insulation System, the built in structural Forever Floor™, the Total Access™ cabinet for ease of servicing and the Mylovac™ walk on safety cover make an Arctic Spa the best choice if quality, craftsmanship and efficiency are important to you.

Colours and Cabinets


A surface you can feel comfortable resting against. Arctic spas are available in 6 beautiful shell colours (some textured), so you can choose the perfect match to your lifestyle and decor.

Arctic acrylic

Western Red Cedar Cabinets - Nature’s Perfect Building Material.

Beauty, strength and accessibility are built into every Arctic Spas cabinet which are constructed using kiln-dried, clear, furniture-grade Western Red cedar.  The sturdiness of our cabinets is incomparable and all come with up to eight inset access doors, allowing easy service and upgrades to any part of the spa. The timber is finished with a protective stain.

Arctic cabinet colours

Our redesigned Classic No Maintenance cabinet borrows from our tried and proven cedar cabinet - we have replicated this beautiful and functional design in 100% composite materials. Solid top and bottom rails and vertical surfaces are all HighWood composite material - highly resistant to the ravages of sun and weather, providing a true “no maintenance” exterior to your Arctic Spa.

Quality and Design

Hot tub design and quality is important. Ongoing electrical and repair costs can be high if you choose an inferior product. Arctic Spas brand portable hot tubs are specifically designed for the extreme climates of Northern Canada, which means they last longer, cost less to operate, and are easier to maintain. Unique features like FreeHeat™, the Forever Floor™, Total Access™, and the Mylovac™ cover make an Arctic Spa the best hot tub choice, if quality and efficiency are important to you.

A lifetime guarantee on the main hull structure is a clear indication of the quality, and is only available in an Arctic Spa.
These five features set Arctic Spas brand hot tubs apart from other brands. They are truly unique, even patented technology in some cases, and they are the core design features that have helped make the Arctic Spas brand world famous for extreme efficiency, strength, and beauty. If you are shopping for a hot tub it is strongly recommended that you consider these features carefully before making a decision.

  • Castcore Cover
  • Forever Floor
  • Heatlock
  • Self-Supporting Hull
  • Total Access

In addition to the five core ‘Advantages’ of the Arctic Spas design, there are many features that also contribute to the quality and luxury of this hot tub brand.

  • Adjustable Headrests
  • Comfort and Massage
  • Digital Controls
  • Reflex Torsion Hose
  • Rotating Massage Jets
  • Tru-Guard Heater

Spa Boy

If you are looking for advanced technology and low maintenance, we win in that department too. Check out the automatic self regulating salt water cleaning system called Spa Boy, it’s our most popular option by far.

To maintain perfect sanitiser levels, Spa Boy uses Arctic Spas’s proprietary salt water system to automatically create sanitiser from salt water. Spa Boy receives data from an ORP sensor to control the system, never over or under chlorinating and eliminating much of the effort and human error that is common in hot tub ownership.

Medical grade ORP (water cleanliness) and pH(water balance) sensors constantly monitor your hot tub water send data to Arctic servers every few seconds. This data is processed, converted to graphic format and made available to you at the online spa owner accessible portal for all Spa Boy data, and via a clean and simple notification interface on the Arctic Spas smartphone app.


This group of spas deliver quality hydrotherapy along with affordable and reliable operation.

This range offers a high level of comfort and performance at a very accessible price.

The full complement of Arctic Spas technologies are available on our most robust platform in this collection. Available with 2 or 3 pumps you can tailor the power to suit.

Arctic’s finest spas, blending cutting-edge technology and gracious luxury seating. Choose 3 or 5 pumps for high power therapeutic massage second to none.

Arctic Spas through and through, designed for large families or group entertaining. Available with 3 or 5 pumps these are the ultimate in luxury.